Can you play with color?

The bathroom serves a dual purpose, combining intimacy and functionality. It is often a place of relaxation and revitalization, while offering room for expressing one’s style and personality. Utilizing color is a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your bathroom and make it distinctly your own. To do so, it is easy to paint the walls or even the vanity, but have you considered your bathtub?

Indeed, it is possible to choose a custom exterior color for all our freestanding bathtub models within our Signature Authentik Series. You can set aside any concerns about the bold plumbing fixtures of the 80s staging a comeback. Today, it's a completely different experience. Incorporating color to your freestanding bathtub transcends the boundaries of kitsch and enters the realm of sophistication and individual expression. It's an original way to add a striking visual dimension to your space while reflecting your style.

Imagine a bathtub that goes beyond its simple function. Its exterior shell provides a blank canvas that can be painted in an endless range of colors. Let us know your choice of color, and we'll handle rest! This option offers the opportunity to create a centerpiece, a functional work of art that transforms your space into a refined and unique environment. By playing with colors, you can influence the ambiance of your bathroom. If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere, opt for soft and pastel tones. If you prefer a dynamic ambiance, choose vibrant and contrasting colors.

Your bathroom is an important room in any home. Its design is an opportunity to turn it into a space for personal expression and relaxation. So, dare to use color and make your bathroom a truly unique and elegant place.

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