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Technologically superior in every way

A product’s superiority only becomes clear when solid engineering is incorporated into design: what appears on paper must be reflected in the product. Even if intelligent manufacturing is not always apparent to the eye, it’s what makes the difference between a good idea… and an exceptional product.

In addition to being handmade individually, Oceania baths have the distinction of meeting the strictest, most up-to-date industry standards without compromise. Patented innovations combined with superior technology ensure every component—even those you can’t see—has been optimized. The result is nothing less than the finest, most advanced bathtubs on the market.

The difference lies in intelligent manufacturing.

Far superior QUALITY

  • All Oceania baths are thermoformed with high-performance cast acrylic reinforced with 3/8-inch-thick high-impact resin.
  • All Air Bath channels feature single-piece resin construction custom- made for each individual bath and offer 100% efficient drainage.
  • All components are selected for their performance and precision, not their price.
  • 100% of all system baths must undergo up to 8 hours of rigorous water testing before leaving the plant—by far the longest in the industry. Random sampling is simply not good enough.

The creative engineering of Oceania is evident in the design of its Air Baths. Its proprietary technology makes them the most advanced and effective on the market.