The little things that make all the difference

Oceania has designed accessories and provided numerous options to customize your bath, air bath or shower to better meet your specific needs and make them harmonize with your bathroom decor.

All accessories are designed and manufactured with beauty, effectiveness, comfort and performance in mind. Most are available in a variety of finishes to lend a distinctive look to the bath or shower they grace.



Chromatherapy is based on the principle that colors, which possess various soothing and revitalizing properties, have a beneficial effect on people. Oceania’s LED system enables you to utilize various colors to add a new dimension to your therapeutic bath experience.


Oceania’s therapeutic baths have been designed to let you use essential oils, bath salts and bath teas (with the exception of wintergreen) to enhance the benefits of your experience without risking damage to components and materials.

Low-Profile Deck

3/4 inches high.


Available in Chrome, Gold, White, Biscuit and Brushed Nickel trim.

Floating Remote Control

Available in White and Biscuit.

Linear overflow

Available in chrome, brushed nickel, polished nickel, white and matte black finishes.

Floor drain

For Freestanding tubs

Waste and Overflow

Available in Chrome, Gold, Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel, White and Biscuit finishes.

Acrylic Grab Bar

Available in White, Biscuit or Clear with Chrome, Gold or Brushed Nickel insert.