Cutting Edge engineering

Over 20 years of research and development have enabled us to optimize every component of Oceania Air Baths.

Optimized configurations
Systems can include up to 72 hot-air jets for unparalleled, all-encompassing and uniform massage action.

Exclusive preheating air process
The air is preheated before it is injected into the bathwater, providing 20% warmer temperatures than baths from other manufacturers.

Sloped Air Channels
All of Oceania baths air channels utilize their industry exclusive “drain down” system that ensures 100% drainage of any residual water prior to the drying cycle assuring thereby assuring a hygienic bath.

Automated drying system
The exclusive drying system developed by Oceania has two moisture sensors placed directly in the air channels, guaranteeing a level of hygiene absolutely unmatched in the industry. (Excluding the Comfort Air system). Automatic activation even after a simple soaking bath or cleaning the bath!

Antivibration leveling feet
Bathtubs supplied with an air bath system are mounted on adjustable leveling feet designed to absorb 85% of the vibrations created by the massaging action of the water turbulence. Also, the blower can be remotely mounted up to 3.5 meters or 12 feet away from the bath.

Rigorously tested and proven
Every single Oceania therapeutic bath undergoes up to 8 hours of water testing, the most stringent in the industry.

Oceania therapeutic baths have been designed to let you use essential oils, bath salts and bath teas (with the exception of wintergreen) to enhance your experience without risking damage to components and materials.

A solid guarantee
Oceania Air Bath systems are covered by a 20-year Limited Warranty on structures and systems, with the exception of the Comfort Air system with has a 5-year Limited Warranty.