Tahoe Podium

Available sizes
66" x 36" x 25"
55" x 31" x 23"

Offers an interior space remarkably spacious.
An ultramodern design with streamlined lines.
Podium model featuring thin edges for a unique and discreet appearance.

Available colors
Freestanding model also available
Lumbar support
Freestanding model also available
Lumbar support
Single person
Adding a system

All models of bathtubs can be equipped with therapeutic air jet systems, with or without chromatherapy. Detailed testing and individual craftsmanship go into each therapeutic bathtub.

Therapeutic Air Bath system 30 to 60 Easy Clean flush hot-air jets placed strategically on the lower perimeter of the bath. Includes humidity sensors, Oceania exclusive Tranquility Plus blower with 600 watt heating element.

Options & Accessories

Oceania has designed accessories and provided numerous options to customize your bath, air bath or shower to better meet your specific needs and make them harmonize with your bathroom decor.

All accessories are designed and manufactured with beauty, effectiveness, comfort and performance in mind. Most are available in a variety of finishes to lend a distinctive look to the bath or shower they grace.

Available in White, Biscuit or Clear with Chrome, Gold or Brushed Nickel insert.

Oceania’s chromatherapy system enables you to use a wide spectrum of colors to add a whole new dimension to your bath experience.

Keypad for Chromatherapy when ordered without an air jet system.

Available in White and Biscuit.

Heated backrest(s) for an enhanced bathing experience with uniform heat to the bathtub's backrest(s).

Heated backrest keypad

Linear overflow without trim, and drain cover included in white. Other finishes also available.

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